venerdì 12 novembre 2010

Help me!

I'm trying to develop the newer version of Adsense-Monitor, but tonite i've found that Google has changed the login method.
If you are brave enough to help me write a simple script that performs login/logout and .csv download. The login method CAN use a Webkit/Internet Explorer based browser. So...It's your turn!

mercoledì 10 novembre 2010

Google Adsense behaviour changed

Due to some modifications, Adsense-Monitor does not work anymore. Don't worry about that, i was thinking about redesign it in order to make it accessible also if google changes website behavoiur.
I'm trying to make this software more solid and full-featured with:

  • Line charts (heat);
  • Report generation between two dates;
  • "Checkpoints" to monitor incomes over website changes;
  • Channels support;
All those feature will be implemented with native UI so you don't have to install gtk runtime. This is a mockup of what will be adsense-monitor in a near feature.
For now i have to degree, so i don't have so much time to review the software. So i'll disable the downloads since i don't have fixet it!
Stay tuned!

giovedì 6 maggio 2010

Ubuntu .deb package

Thanks to myself: i've created my first Ubuntu .deb package you can get it from Adsense Monitor for Windows (.deb) rev. 75;
(obviousely it is present in Downloads section).
It is called 1.0.0 but, for sure, it's not stable!

lunedì 3 maggio 2010

Working on structure...better looking ;)

Since so many websites points to my OLD Windows Installer (argh!) users cannot download the latest version of adsense-monitor because this blog is not on google's best-results. The only way to let the users "stay-in-touch" with me is this:

I know that it's not the best way to manage the "bug" but, for now, i've got many things to clean before implementing an auto-update mechanism (yep, it's planned). As you can see there are some little new things:
First of all two dialogs: the first one for settings and the second one for settings. The login dialog will pop-up only if necessary. You can always change your login data by clicking on tray-icon and selecting "Login as..." (Save password option now works, you have to enter your password everytime adsense-monitor starts) . There were some bugs here and there (i.e. setting update rate, save password, too many updates at once (2 , 3 or 4 O.O' ) and they got fixed with the latest update.
The final step (before first release) is the option to launch Adsense-Monitor on os-boot and, maybe...some proxy settings (let's see if i can do something).
New Windows Installer will be reased as soon as "boot-on-startup" feature will be implemented

mercoledì 28 aprile 2010

Almost reached first stable release

There is a new installer (downloadable from downloads sections) with the latest updates of adsense-monitor:
  • Fixed sound errors;
  • Fixed gui behaviour;
  • Fixed adsense.exe.log errors on Windows;
  • Added About dialog;
  • Other minor fixes;
If program is not running properly try to delete settings file:

  • On Windows 7/Vista: remove C:\Users\[username]\Appdata\Roaming\adsense-monitor
  • On Windows XP: remove C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\application data\adsense-monitor
  • On Linux: remove .~/.config/adsense-monitor/

lunedì 26 aprile 2010

Windows Sound + latest version installer

Long time since i released a windows installer. This version includes:

  • Sounds;
  • Newer Configs;
  • Better notifications;
Known Bugs:
  • Save password, enabling/disabilng notifications,sounds,tooltip still doesn't work;
  • After playing first time sound it doesn't work anymore (thread bug, i'll fix it as soon as possible)
You can enjoy it from HERE

venerdì 23 aprile 2010

Post-Easter updates

I've worked a lot today, after a couple weeks of stop. My objective is to realize a small, simple and stable app structure. Since i cannot find it i'm making some cool attempts to better organize the code. This is the first time that I develop a new "complex" software from scratch, and it's really hard.
Since I've noticed that code structure is REALLY IMPORTANT (even for small software) i'm moving the code in and there. The latest structure is the following:
as you can see there are two main folders:

  • Core;
  • Gui;
I think that names are self-explaining concepts :) . My next step is to introduce Sound Engine and Indicator Applet (damn: i've just finished GtkTrayIcon). Let's see if i can make something simple and good.

lunedì 29 marzo 2010

Heavy Refactoring on the way...

The project is in refactoring...we'll have the first stable release as soon as possible.

Implemented Features:

  • Added Tray Icon status;
  • Added Save Password option;
  • Source Code is (almost) good;
  • Everything seems to be stable on Windows;
  • Notify Sound system;
  • Launch Adsense-Monitor on on startup;
  • Bufix...
Here you can download the .zip package for Windows:
you need to have installed gtk runtime environment.
As soon as possible I will be back to Gnome development ;)

Before running remember to remove preferences:

  • On Windows 7/Vista: remove C:\Users\\Appdata\Roaming\adsense-monitor
  • On Windows XP: remove C:\Documents and Settings\\application data\adsense-monitor
  • On Linux: remove .~/.config/adsense-monitor/


sabato 27 marzo 2010

Tray Icon and Icon Theme

Finally i've refactored TrayIcon (hours of work :P ) and added Tray-Icon status. The last themes is the following:
Not Working (something gone wrong)
Works Good
Updating Data
You can find setup file HERE

mercoledì 24 marzo 2010

Newest Icon Set

I have decided to make an icon set by myself. Following Gnome Art guidelines i've reached this result:

I'm not an artist...but i think that those are really a good start point!!!

Some GUI improvements

I've just made a better gui (i'm studying the better way to develop GUIs: spaces, borders etc...) This is my first result:

This screenshot has been taken on Windows 7.
Notice: Save Password option is still not working

mercoledì 17 marzo 2010

First Windows Release (with setup)

Download it from HERE:

domenica 14 marzo 2010

Added more (working) options. Refactoring on the way

Hi there guys,
after some days on studying Windows "balloons" and py2exe i'm introducing some new features in Adsense-Monitor: settings dialog is now richer than ever before.
All the options are working, look at the screenshot for more details ;)

Adsense-Monitor's new settings

Here is the SVN revision details

venerdì 12 marzo 2010

Since i love nice integrated apps...

This is today's screenshot!

This explains my today's work on Windows!!!

First Windows screenshot

Got up all the framework running on Windows 7 Platform (with Snarl Notifyer :'( ) ). Here i've uploaded a screenshot, but it's still not ready to be released. I'm planning to refine this version when i'll finish the gnome/linux version and libadsense library

New Theme and dropped PyCurl dependency

Long time since i wrote last time here. My Wubi Ubuntu crashed down (arrgh, i'm waiting for Ubuntu 10.04) so i got no time to code.
Tonite i introduce you new blog's theme and...

Dropped dependency from pycurl for adsense now it's PURE PYTHON SCRIPT (with no curl :P )


  • Fix Date in notify balloon;
  • Pylint the whole code;
  • Improve UI;
  • Port to Windows (argh!);
  • Recheck the whole code (it's really needed);
  • Add option "Remember Password" in login screen;

giovedì 4 marzo 2010

First Alpha Release

I'm proud to announce that Adsense-Monitor reached first alpha (only for developers :P ) release.
Download the first package from here (right panel).
Here you can find some screenshots:

Adsense Login

Basic System Tray support

remember to install pycurl:
$sudo apt-get install pycurl 
then untar and run

Stay Tuned: program is still in development!

mercoledì 3 marzo 2010

Icon set

Since i'm not a good artist i've developed this scratch icon theme:

  • First one is "Update"
  • Second one is "Valid Adsense Credentials"
  • Third one is "Not Valid Adsense Credentials"

As soon as possible i'll release the first alpha thas includes:

  • Tray Support;
  • Visual Notifications;
  • Sound Notifications;
What is NOT included:
  • Advanced reports (month/week/custom data);
  • Graphs for reports;
  • Search for software Updates;
  • Auto start on boot;
  • Support for Windows / MacosX
Those features will be added when everything will be clean and stable enough.

martedì 2 marzo 2010

Tray Icon and User Preferences added

Thanks to Saverio I've added basic GUI support (Tray icon and basic account settings). System is not still completely working, but it will be soon.

Here is the changelog (commit diff)

Stay tuned!!!

lunedì 1 marzo 2010

Project Hostin on Google Code

Finally i've started my repository on:

Get the latest updates from there.

[ lib-adsense ] The first draft

Still i've not started a github repository for this project. However i wanto to share with you my this first pre-release of my python-adsense library, called lib-adsense.

I'll put here a sample code to let you understand how to access to your adsense in terminal mode.

From Adsense import Adsense
monitor = Adsense()
monitor.login( "", "password" )
data = monitor.get_today()

There are still other methods you can call such as:
  • get_all_time();
  • get_last_month();
  • get_custom_data();
on get_custom_data() i'm still working.
Those functions will return a .csv file that has this format for each line:

Date \t Impressions \t Clicks \t CTR \t eCPM \t Earnings\n

Download File from MediaFire

sabato 27 febbraio 2010

Launching Adsense-Monitor blog

Hi there, this is my first post :) . The first alpha-release is almost ready, i suppose i'll release it during this week. The source code will be submitted to a GIT repository. What i need:

  • Someone that can help me building some nice packages;
  • Testers;
  • Someone that knows Python and Gtk;
  • A good artist to make some good Icons;
The project will run (for the first version) in Ubuntu-Gnome. Then i'll manage to port it to Windows/MacosX.