lunedì 1 marzo 2010

[ lib-adsense ] The first draft

Still i've not started a github repository for this project. However i wanto to share with you my this first pre-release of my python-adsense library, called lib-adsense.

I'll put here a sample code to let you understand how to access to your adsense in terminal mode.

From Adsense import Adsense
monitor = Adsense()
monitor.login( "", "password" )
data = monitor.get_today()

There are still other methods you can call such as:
  • get_all_time();
  • get_last_month();
  • get_custom_data();
on get_custom_data() i'm still working.
Those functions will return a .csv file that has this format for each line:

Date \t Impressions \t Clicks \t CTR \t eCPM \t Earnings\n

Download File from MediaFire

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