mercoledì 28 aprile 2010

Almost reached first stable release

There is a new installer (downloadable from downloads sections) with the latest updates of adsense-monitor:
  • Fixed sound errors;
  • Fixed gui behaviour;
  • Fixed adsense.exe.log errors on Windows;
  • Added About dialog;
  • Other minor fixes;
If program is not running properly try to delete settings file:

  • On Windows 7/Vista: remove C:\Users\[username]\Appdata\Roaming\adsense-monitor
  • On Windows XP: remove C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\application data\adsense-monitor
  • On Linux: remove .~/.config/adsense-monitor/

lunedì 26 aprile 2010

Windows Sound + latest version installer

Long time since i released a windows installer. This version includes:

  • Sounds;
  • Newer Configs;
  • Better notifications;
Known Bugs:
  • Save password, enabling/disabilng notifications,sounds,tooltip still doesn't work;
  • After playing first time sound it doesn't work anymore (thread bug, i'll fix it as soon as possible)
You can enjoy it from HERE

sabato 24 aprile 2010

New Config Window and Sound support (via aplay command only on unix)


venerdì 23 aprile 2010

Post-Easter updates

I've worked a lot today, after a couple weeks of stop. My objective is to realize a small, simple and stable app structure. Since i cannot find it i'm making some cool attempts to better organize the code. This is the first time that I develop a new "complex" software from scratch, and it's really hard.
Since I've noticed that code structure is REALLY IMPORTANT (even for small software) i'm moving the code in and there. The latest structure is the following:
as you can see there are two main folders:

  • Core;
  • Gui;
I think that names are self-explaining concepts :) . My next step is to introduce Sound Engine and Indicator Applet (damn: i've just finished GtkTrayIcon). Let's see if i can make something simple and good.