giovedì 6 maggio 2010

Ubuntu .deb package

Thanks to myself: i've created my first Ubuntu .deb package you can get it from Adsense Monitor for Windows (.deb) rev. 75;
(obviousely it is present in Downloads section).
It is called 1.0.0 but, for sure, it's not stable!

lunedì 3 maggio 2010

Working on structure...better looking ;)

Since so many websites points to my OLD Windows Installer (argh!) users cannot download the latest version of adsense-monitor because this blog is not on google's best-results. The only way to let the users "stay-in-touch" with me is this:

I know that it's not the best way to manage the "bug" but, for now, i've got many things to clean before implementing an auto-update mechanism (yep, it's planned). As you can see there are some little new things:
First of all two dialogs: the first one for settings and the second one for settings. The login dialog will pop-up only if necessary. You can always change your login data by clicking on tray-icon and selecting "Login as..." (Save password option now works, you have to enter your password everytime adsense-monitor starts) . There were some bugs here and there (i.e. setting update rate, save password, too many updates at once (2 , 3 or 4 O.O' ) and they got fixed with the latest update.
The final step (before first release) is the option to launch Adsense-Monitor on os-boot and, maybe...some proxy settings (let's see if i can do something).
New Windows Installer will be reased as soon as "boot-on-startup" feature will be implemented