Here you can get the latest versions of adsense monitor for both Windows and Ubuntu Linux:
Downloads are disabled since Google has changed a little bit the login template. Stay tuned for updates.(See here for more infos)
Source (SVN)
Adsense Monitor source (Ubuntu tested) can be downloaded from google code repository. To install subversion:
sudo apt-get install subversion
To download lastest version of sources:
svn checkout adsense-monitor-read-only
If program is not running properly try to delete settings file:
  • On Windows 7/Vista: remove C:\Users\[username]\Appdata\Roaming\adsense-monitor
  • On Windows XP: remove C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\application data\adsense-monitor
  • On Linux: remove .~/.config/adsense-monitor/
These are only unstable alpha releases (for devs only). Just untar and run .