What's Adsense-Monitor?

Ad-sense monitor is an open-source software that allows you to monitor your ad-sense earnings from your Desktop. For now it is (not still) available for Linux, it is written in Python - Gtk. It is composed by two components:

  • lib-adsense: a python library (based on pycurl) that allows you to perform custom query to your adsense account to fetch .csv files containing your reports.
  • Ad-Sense Monitor: is the desktop gui composed by Tray Icon, Notify System and Sound System.
I'm starting to polish a bit the source code but, since it's my first project, i need a little bit of help from community to performe the following tasks:
  • Build Tarball;
  • Build .debs, .rpms;
  • Making some good translations;
I'm using Anjuta with Glade so, any help will be appreciated.